"True inspiration comes from relentlessly pursuing the path that allows you to find your passion to live from within". — EP
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About the Journey

Travels of a Renaissance Man is one man’s experience discovering what lies beyond the cities and borders of America. Ezekiel Phillips’ travel journey began in 2007 when popular television personality and philanthropist, Tavis Smiley along with his Pastor, Bishop Noel Jones showed love by sponsoring Phillips on a mission trip to the African city of Accra in the nation of Ghana. From that experience, the California native spring boarded into more than 16 different international excursions.

Combine these life changing experiences with Phillips’ dynamic film-making ability, and you get a rare behind the scenes glimpse into life on the ground in less developed nations like the Philippines and Haiti.

Ezekiel Phillips has risen beyond the confines of his Los Angeles neighborhood, known as “The Jungles” to become a 2011 graduate of Morehouse College with a goal to inspire others through his travels. His self-proclaimed guerilla-style film-making takes a no permits, no permission, bold and sometimes dangerous approach to show viewers life raw and uncut as it happens on international soil.

This Renaissance man documents his travels with video, and shares them with his loyal followers. The experiences captured during his travels enable him to add value to people’s lives that have yet to embrace globalization and travel. As a result of exposing himself to new cultures, communities, and people, Philips collaborates with like-minded young adults for both personal and communal gain.

According to Ezekiel, the next step to his maturing process is building strong relationships with emerging young leaders to bring social change across the globe. Travel is only a small portion of this vision. Phillips says the evolution of his character through travel is allowing him to embrace his responsibility and calling to bring about real change and upward mobility in ghettos across the globe. Indigenous people worldwide are in need of someone to tell their story and Ezekiel has committed himself to be the messenger that shares their experiences and be the mouthpiece for those who don’t have a voice.  

Furthermore, Travels of a Renaissance Man is more than a book about how to obtain your passport, turn-up in Egypt, and post pictures on Instagram. It is an in-depth look into the life lessons of one man who is daring to live without limits and speak revolutionary truth. Travels of a Renaissance Man is a 21st century success story about faith, family, self-reflection, and hope.

When used properly the life lessons of this book can be your guide to unlocking all that lives in you. So many times young adults are influenced by the negative factors around them. Often these factors prohibit them from looking in that one place where true inspiration can be found. Phillips has realized that this place is not found in the arms of a woman, the satisfaction of a purchase, nor the thrill of accomplishments.

True inspiration comes from relentlessly pursuing the path that allows you to find your passion to live from within. Travels of a Renaissance Man challenges you to live life from the inside out and find what will make you want to live everyday like it is your last day on earth! See you at Departures.